Dial/Data wouldn't be as comprehensive as we claim were it not for two key features -- data elements reported and exchanges covered. They are the foundation of the Dial/Data system.
With Dial/Data's pricing database, for example, you get:
  • Daily and historical prices 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • Coverage of more than 30 exchanges worldwide, including the American, New York, London and Zurich stock exchanges.
  • Pricing data, via direct data feed, for all U.S., Canadian and European exchange-traded equities and related instruments, futures, equity options, futures options, mutual funds, bonds, government issues, money markets, indexes and stock dividends.
  • New options on the day they begin trading and new commodity futures contracts as soon as they begin trading.
  • Advanced procedures, including in-house maintenance of our database, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of all data.
    Direct datafeeds come from the following exchanges:
      American Stock Exchange
    Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE)
    Chicago Board of Trade (CBT)
      Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
    Commodity Exchange of New York (COMEX)
    E-X eurex (WCE)
    Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT)
    London Stock Exchange
      Nasdaq Stock Exchange (NASDAQ)
    New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
    New York Board of Trade (NYBOT)
      NYSE Group (NYSE)
    Opra Data (OPRA)
    Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
        Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE)
    Data elements reported are:
      Stocks open, high, low, close, volume
      Mutual funds net asset value
      Money market yield, average days to maturity
      Gov't agencies bid, ask, yield
      Treasuries bid, ask, yield
      Equity options open, high, low, close, bid/ask volume, open interest
      Index options open, high, low, close, bid/ask volume, open interest
      Market indices open, high, low, close, volume
      Market statistics varied
      Futures open, high, low, close, volume, open interest
      Futures options open, high, low, close
      S&P industry groups weekly, index value, rank

    For additional information about Dial/Data, call 1-800-275-5544: